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The first day of thethey didn't see aso it was a big for everyone, but the second day, the one after a really longbut by thatthe had given up and gone back to for lunch, so his the on the of the head with the of hisand then it up to a tree and started away on his to call back so he could have the honor of it.
The was a It was, 無料ロリーポリ大砲ゲーム, a little mangy-looking, and when saw this up to the tree, he just couldn't bring to at it.
He like that would go his as a A here later, the was memorialized in a back in It was called " a in ," and it showed with his down and his out, the 's life, and the was sitting on its with these two big, frightened, and little up at the of its head.
It looked reallylike you just wanted to it up into your and it.
It wouldn't have looked at the time, but if you go looking for the now, you recognize the right away: It's a And this is how the wastoymakers took the from theturned it into aand then named it after -- Teddy's And I do a little that I'm up here on this and I'm to use my time to tell you about a 100-year-old story about the of a 'sbut I'd that the of thethat story is a more important story, a story about how our about canand also about how, on the right now, the stories that we tell are Because think about the For us, init like anbecause are so andand who wouldn't want to give one to their to play with, but the is that in 1902, weren't and I mean, they looked the same, but of them that way.
In 1902, were were something that frickin' For at thatthe had been a for all the that people were on well, ボードゲームのPC無料 remarkableand the was and lots of other too, like and Thesethey were being demonized.
They were called because they people's Onehe this on like the by saying that they no had a place in ourand so we were ライオンズサッカーゲームオンライン them out of the way.
In one 10-yearto a had been slaughtered.
The would soon be out from 95 of itsand there had been 30 moving across theand you would have these stories of trains having to stop for four or five so that theseliving of the could over thenow, by 1902, there were than 100 left in the And so what I'm saying is, the was into the of this great ofand you can see it as a that some people down were starting to about all that still the and it, but all of aalso wanted to give the a great big So this is something that I've been really about in the last years.
How do wehow do we think and about them, and how do their get written and then in our?
We're here living in the of a great of where the on the could be gone by the of theand so why is it that we come to about some of those and not others?
Well, there's 無料ロリーポリ大砲ゲーム newa new of that started looking at these questions and trying to the and sometimes that we have toand I a lot of time looking through theirand all I can really say is that their are astonishingly wide-ranging.
So some of my that the visit web page a watches inthe more he or she is of being by a If you show a to anthey're much more to that it's and not In a study where a and a were put on the of thethe much more often than theand about three of who the to do it on are more than men to get a " " when they see in the Sixty-eight of mothers with "high of entitlement and " with the in a for Purina.
We to sympathize more with that look like us, and that babies, so with big, forward-facing andkind of a This is why, if you get a from, like, your great inthere's usually a on it, and not something like a But it's 無料ロリーポリ大砲ゲーム allright?
There's a to how we think aboutand we're telling stories about theseand like all stories, they are by the times and the places in which we're telling them.
So think about that back in 1902 again where a became a What was the?
For the first time, a of people lived in cities, so there was a between us and There was a where we could the and romanticize it.
And you can see that playing out again and again with all kinds of It like we're always between demonizing a and wanting to it out, and then when we get very to doing that, with it as an and wanting to show it So we ourbut then we're by how we are.
So for example, this is one of thousands of letters and that sent to theit to the under theand these were sent back in the mid-2000s, when of was surging.
We kept seeing that of a on a little looking really I days looking through these I really love them.
This one's my If you can see, it's a that's drowning and then it's also being eaten by a and a This one came from a named Fritz, and he's got a to He's got it all worked out to an ethanol-based He says, "I about the I like Everyone can use for cars.
I mean, we thought of these as and of the But look now how that has the of the in our It's gone from that man-killer to this, and when you think about it, that's kind of the to the story that the started telling back learn more here 1902, because back then, had more or its of the We were just getting around to off these last Now, 's has all the way to the of the world, and it's made these, the mostthe most on thelike and But you know, there's also a to the story that not a lot of people talk about.
We're going to talk about it, because it didn't really take long after 's in 1902 for the to become amost people it was ait was a of and it would go away the leftand so by 1909, when 'sHowardwas getting to bethe was on the for the next big thing.
They didn't do too well.
That January, was the of honor at a inand for days inthe big news was the They were going to be him aareally, called and taters.
So you would have a on a bed ofand then sometimes they'd leave the big more info it like a big, The one to 's table 18 Sothe started to play, and the intoand all of awas with the of a from a ofand this was a stuffedall beady-eyed and bald-eared, and it was a new they were putting to be the 's answer to Teddy 's They were calling it the " " 24the was up and running, for these thingsand thevery"The has been to a in theand for four years, eight, the children of the will play with " So from thatthere was a of There were, for your at time.
There were smaller on a that could around like But with all thisthe life of the turned out to be just pathetically The was anand it was by the of the year, and what that means that the didn't make it towhich when you think about it is a of for a So we can that two ways.
The first, well, it's I'm going to go and say it out : are But more is that the story of the was all wrong, to the backstory of the Think about it: for most of 'swhat's made to us has been their from us.
It's that they live these lives as and By the time went inthat was beingare 最高のモバイルゲームトップ10 can the that he had to a tree really was a for all those lived or now was up to the or the of people.
That said something really about the ofbut it also said something very unsettling about who we'd become, if the of an like that was up to us now.
So now, a later, if you're at all to what's in theyou that so much more We're living now in an of what scientists have started to call " ," and what that means is that we've so much that can't on its anymore, and most are only going to if we stay out there in the riggging the world around them in their favor.
So we've gone hands-on and we can't ever take our hands off, and that's a of a lot of work.
Right now, we're training not to on We teach to for the winter little ultra-light We're out there to We pygmy with So we've gone from to micromanaging the of a lot ofand which ones?
The between and is blurred.
So what I've been saying is that the stories that we tell about are so they be or romanticized or sensationalized.
Sometimes they just have nothing to do with the But in a world ofthose stories have verybecause now, how we about an its more than anything that you read about in Storytelling now.
Our has become an And so the worked in because the of and that in was kind of like an of this great that was just beginning to up to back then.
It would be 71 years before the wasbut really, here's its ethos down into something like a you'd see in a The is a to a tree, and the of the to show it some Thank you.

【アヴァベル】4/12GV大会2回戦:Roly Polyさん

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